JELux receives student initiative award 2017

JELux receives student initiative award 2017

JELux has been honored with the student initiative award 2017 for the Research Fair "Bridging the gap".
Minister Marc Hansen, Vice-President for academic affairs Romain Martin with speakers Bert Boerman and Pranjul Shah inspired the students with their experience and perspectives.

Research fair 2017 Bridging the gap

Attendees had the opportunity to visit 15 booths of students that showed their ongoing research, case studies, or entrepreneurial initiatives to the university community.

Most Creative Presentation Award: Master student Agusmia Putri Haerani & Bachelor Student Nelson Dumas for their entrepreneurial initiative "CINDO - Indonesian Culinary Diplomacy Project in Luxembourg"

Marc Hansen, Minister Delegate for Higher Education and Research, officially inaugurated the event by emphasizing his support to the junior enterprise concept

EURAXESS participated to inform about their pan-European initiative to deliver information and support services to professional researchers.

Best Project Award: PhD student Patrick Glauner for his PhD project on applications of Artificial Intelligence

Best Poster Award: Phd student Qixia Yuan for his thesis work on computational methods for analyzing large biological networks

Bert Boerman, CEO and Co-Founder of, shared his viewpoint regarding the development of FinTech in Luxembourg

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